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Our vision as a church is


to see people believing, belonging and growing more,
to see more people believing, belonging and growingin Jesus.

What does that mean?

We believe in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, through a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus and a saving faith in him.

We live out our faith as we love and serve our Father,
belonging to him and to each other.

We help each other to grow in the grace and holiness of Christ,
and we long to see others trust him and do the same.

Our vision is drawn from the Bible, where God shows us how to live and love in this world. It’s also a reflection of who we are as a church, and describes our aims in welcoming people. Jesus invites everyone to put their trust in him and become part of his family, and he plans to help us grow to be like him – come find out what that means for you!

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