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Do you want to explore faith?

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We'd love to discuss questions you have, and share what we believe and why. We're convinced there are genuine answers to the big questions about life, death and why we are here.
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A great way to explore why we believe Jesus is the key to life, and to ask your questions about Christianity. 
Everyone is welcome to join this seven-session informal course, to work through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus as recorded in the book of The Gospel of Mark. We run courses in the daytime and evenings.
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If you've never read the Bible, it can be hard to know where to start! We would love to read through the New Testament book of The Gospel of John with you, on a one-to-one basis, looking at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. You'll have the chance to ask about anything you don't understand, and find out for yourself what the Bible really says. For more info contact,

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